AGM Minutes and Chairman’s report

You can find the Minutes here, and the Chair’s report here. Anyone who would like to join the committee should use the Contacts page, you will be very welcome.

Photos from Awards 2019 and News

Photos from the Awards Ceremony are now in the Gallery. These are low resolution to allow quick loading, if anyone would like high resolution photos please use the Contact page and they can be sent through to you.   Please note that Snetterton and Abingdon are no longer in the schedule and that Prescott is…

Regulations Approved

We are pleased to report that our regulations for 2019 have been approved by Motorsport UK and the regs with the [ermit number is now downloadable from our Home Page.

Regulations now available

The regs fopr 2019 are now available. They are still subject to Motorsport UK approval. We may have a problem with the date for Snetterton, more news when we have it. Don’t foget the meal in January, discount date, the end of November

Awards (updated 20/10/218)

Thank you everyone who competed and supported the Midland Speed Championship in 2018. The FINAL awards and final results list is now available 2018 Overall Results V5

REMINDER and Appeal

For those of you planning ahead, a quick reminder that the Awards Dinner will take place on 26h January, 2019 at Lea Marston.   Also an appeal for help next year. Our scorer will be away for an extended period next year and we are looking for someone to help with the scoring and putting…

Revised scores for MIRA (Bentley)

An error was made in calculating scores for MIRA (Bentley). As a result, some scores have gone up and some down. If you want to look at the detailed score calculations, select the event MIRA (Bentley) 05/05/2018, scroll down to Event Documents where you will find the Score calculations.

Finding score calculations

After an event has been scored two documents are added to the event under the documents tab – the official results and the score calculations, as Pdfs which you can download. Please check carefully and give feedback using the Contact Us page (top right corner of the menu) if you think your score has been…

Targets at Anglesey Sunday

Just to say that the Sunday targets still stand, it was the Saturday run of one lap where we didn’t have any data.