Targets for Blyton Eastern

We seems to have missed the targets for this event. There have been very few events here that I can identify but here are the targets for this month.  blyton eastern targets

Rounds so far

Do you wonder how many rounds your competitors have done so far? Do you know who scored what at various venues? Now you can check on the championship so far by clicking on this link.   Breakdown after event 30

Amended Targets

Those of you in the Class 2 groups will know of the changes to tyre regs this year and we admit that a few targets did not get amended appropriately. The link here is to the amended targets spreadsheet following representations and evidence provided by competitors. Please contact us if you find any anomalies or…

Sprint School Opportunities

Shenstone & DCC are running three Curborough Sprint Schools in 2017 the first one on May 9th is  full. However there are still places available  for the inaugural Ladies Day Sprint School which is on May 10th and places are also available on the school in September. These are great opportunities to experience track driving…

Target Times Class 2

We have had some queries over the target times in the various Class 2s, partly because of the tyre regulations. We are looking at some changes which will be published asap, but meanwhile, if you have any queries please get in touch with dates, times driver and car details and the source of your data.

The Midland Speed Club & The London Motor Show

The London Motor Show is back again following a highly successful event last year with over 25,000 visitors. As the show is intended for all car enthusiasts, and before the show sells out again, we would like to offer members of the The Midland Speed club a special 10% discount on tickets. A special food…

Approved Regulations

We now have approval from the MSA for our regulations, and hence a championship number. Below is a link to the approved regulations.   reformed regsNO

Target times for 2017 season

Here are the target times for 2017. If you believe there are mistakes would you please inform a committee member at least 7 days before an event at that venue with evidence of the mistake, who set the target you think should be changed, and a web site or document which shows the alternative time…

Draft 2017 Regulations

We have released a draft version of the 2017 regulations. Please note that these are draft regulations subject to MSA approval. Once the regulations have been approved we will re-confirm them and make them available via the 2017 season page. Click here to view the draft 2017 regulations

(Draft) 2017 AGM Minutes

THE SEVENTH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of The Midland Speed Club (Operating the Service Hydraulics Speed Championship) Sunday 21st January 2017 at Lea Marston Hotel, Lea Marston at 15.30pm MINUTES In attendance:- Alex Smith (Chairman), David West (Vice Chair/Tech.), Roger Slater (Secretary), Fred Currell and Tony Beard (Independent Auditor). Apologies: John Williams (Committee), Jeff Allan (Committee),….