Curborough Results

Two rounds at Curborough with the F8 on Saturday and the 2x course on the Sunday. On Saturday Richard took 3rd in 1A. In 1B Geoff took the win with Mark in 2nd, Richard 3rd and James 4th in a tight class. Graham took 2nd in 1C2WD. The whole of 1F was out! Andrew took the win and broke the record, with John also going under the previous record in 2nd. David W took 3rd with David L 4th. There was just over 1sec between the top 3 in close battle. John took the win in 2A. Nick won 3A and took bonus points with Dave in 3rd. Craig took 2nd in 3F and David took 2nd in 4A.

On Sunday Geoff took the 1B win with Richard in 2nd. Another tight battle took place in 1F, with Andrew again on top and taking bonus points. John was 2nd with David W third and David L fourth. In 2A David took 1st with John S in 2nd. In 3A Nick set a new record with Dave in 3rd. Craig took 2nd in 3F.

We are now half way through the season, Anthony B is top with John C 2nd and Mark E 3rd currently. Looking at the contenders lower down who have taken the most bonus points, Andrew P, James H and Neal B all have a number of bonus to carry through if they get to 8 rounds, so expect them to rise and challenge at the top when we get towards the end of the season.