Prescott Results are up!

We had a bumper entry at Prescott last weekend and the conditions meant it was a chance to break records! In class SB our current Champion Neal won the class and lowered the record. Will came 2nd and scored bonus points, him and Neal continuing to push each other. Alex came 3rd. In 1A Dominic took the class win. In a very competitive 1B class Geoff Hedges pipped Martin to the win with both taking bonus points. Richard was 3rd with Mark 4th, Marie 5th, Angus 6th and Stephen 7th. In 1C2WD Mike took the class win and set the record with Graham 2nd. In 1F John C took the class win. In 2A John S took the class win with Graham 2nd and David 3rd. In 2B Simon pipped Keith with Roy 3rd. In 3A Julian took the win. In 3F Craig took win. In 3G John B took the win and bonus points. In 5A Emma took the class win. Scott took the 5E win and broke the record. In 5C Chris G took the win with Keith G in 2nd.

On Sunday, Neal lowered the record further with Will in 2nd. In 1A Andrew took the class win. In 1B Martin took the win, with Stephen 2nd, Mark 3rd and Marie 4th. Mike took the 1C2WD win and lowered the record further. Andrew P took the class win in 1F and max points by breaking the record by a full second. John C took 2nd. In 2A John S took the win with Graham 2nd. In 2B Keith pipped Simon this time with Roy in 3rd. Craig took the 3F win and John B 3G along with bonus points. Emma took the win in 5A. Scott took 5E and lowered the record further.