Gurston and Curborough Results!

Three rounds took place this weekend and whilst Gurston was cold it did stay dry! On Saturday Andrew broke the record and won the class in a competitive 1A. David finished 2nd in 1D. Graham took the class win in 2A. In 2B Keith finished 2nd with Thomas 3rd and Simon 4th. Julian took 2nd in 3A. Stephen took 3rd in 3B. Craig finished 2nd in 3F. On Sunday in 1A Andrew scored bonus points and finished 3rd. David took 2nd again in 1D. In 1E2WD Graham scored good points. In 2A Graham W took the class win again. In 2B Keith was 2nd again with Simon moving up to 3rd. Craig took 2nd in 3F.

Over in Curborough on the Fo8 layout, Stephen and Mark scored good points in a very busy 1B. Amy took the class win in 1D. David took 2nd in 2A. Roy took 2nd in 2B. Dave took the win in 3A. Anthony took the win in 3C. David took the win in 4A. Jeff set a new record on the way to a win in 6B.