Pembrey Results

Pembrey switched the layouts, so Sunday was Saturday and Saturday was Sunday.  This affected the targets and scores.  Also Saturday they did 1 practise, 2 runs so runs 2 and 3 count.  Sunday they did 1 practice, 3 runs, under our regs, run 3 and 4 count.  This has a big impact because many people left before the 3rd run due to the weather and no one had confirmation of how the 2 days were being run and the potential 3rd run Sunday.  I’ve had feedback from many MSC competitors which I will feed back to the organisers.  I did look at the permutations all this has had but we’ll need to run as per the regs and the layouts each day.  I realise this has had a negative impact on many in terms of consistency, it also affected the outcome of classes 2A and 3A.  The layout switch affected anyone with a target Sun but not Sat particularly given the weather.  Again from a Championship perspective we can only go with what happened.

With that in mind, on Saturday Davie took the class win and set a new record in SB.  In 1C2WD, Drew took the class win with a new record.  In a competitive 1D Duncan broke to record but finished 2nd in class, Hugh finished 3rd with Mary scoring good points.  In 1E2WD Nigel took 2nd.  In 2A Dan came 2nd and took points for the bonus.  In 3A Mike took the class win and broke the record.  In 3C Alison took 2nd but also broke the record.  In 5D Steve finished 4th and set a new record.  In 5E  Graham did the same thing, 2nd but with a new record.

On Sunday the runs and weather affected the scoring.  Drew finished 2nd in 1C2WD, in 1D Duncan despite the weather put in an astonishing run to take the win and break a competitive record.  Hugh finished 2nd with Mary scoring points.  In 1E2WD Nigel took 2nd place again.  In 3A Julian took the win from Mike.  Alison took 2nd in 3C but Graham got pipped to take 3rd in 5E.

Any questions/issues please contact me and again I do apologise to everyone affected by the way the event panned out but it’s out of the control of the championship.