Loton Park

Probably the longest hillclimb on our calendar and in the UK although not up to the 7 mile ones in Europe. The paddock is mostly tarmac although the 1A, 1B and 2A and 2B cars may be on grass.

There is a very efficient system of calling you to the starting line. From the start there is a right bend under the trees to a 90 degree left hander and a deceptive non straight leading round to the left through a dip and up to Triangle, a 90 degree right.

From here you head up again and appear to be aiming directly for a very large tree but go left just before it onto the “straight”. This is the fastest part of the course and you should hit top gear in some cars on a dry day. There is then a left hander followed by a hill to a blind crest with a 90 degree right which carries on going slightly left to the finish. From here you follow the road round to the top paddock and can see your time on your way there.

At the end of the batch, you come down in convoy. Loton is built on an old military site and there are still concrete foundations under the grass, so beware going off.

Note that there is a quiet period on a Sunday morning (usually 8 to 9) for the church service in the village. You can camp overnight.