Gurston Down

A long established hillclimb which has two events over the weekend and for most people it is worth doing both as camping is easy and there is security on the paddock overnight. Note that there are very narrow laes leading to Gurston Down.

When called up for your run you line up next to the paddock initially and are then sent forward to the line. From the start the track goes downhill to a very fast left handed bend and then to the Karousal which is a very steep section with two 90 degree bends. The course then drops down temporarily and then up to Ashes and a very fast (if you exited in the right gear) non-straioght straight to the finish where you will be held until the end of the batch. You can get your time from the wooded hut and chat to other competitors. You come back down the hill in convoy at the end of the batch.