Shelsley Results

The results are up for Shelsley. In class 1B both Richard and Geoff scored good points in a huge class. Graham scored good points in 1C2WD. In 1D David took 2nd. Roger also took 2nd in 1E4WD. In 2A in his last event, George scored good points but definately won the most ‘likes’. In 2B Simon took a class win with a great run. The closest action though was in 3C. With the three A’s, separated by 0.8 of sec! Andrew took 1st though, with Anthony 2nd and Alison 3rd. Helen scored good points in class as well. In 3F Craig took the class win. In 4A David pipped Stephen for the class win. Steve took the win in 4E. In 5B Mike took the class win. In 5C Chris G took the win, with Keith in 2nd and Chris C in 3rd. Lindsay took 2nd in 5E.

The overall picture remains unchanged heading into Blyton where the weather might play a factor with the opportunity for bonus points.  However with the Hills now done and only Sprints remaining there is no opportunity to improve the top two hill scores.