Loton Results Are Up!!

A bumper weekend of entrants in the baking hot sun!  As usual any issues let me know.
On the Saturday, Les broke the SB record to keep the pressure on a 3rd place finish overall but was pipped to the class win.  In 1A, Keith won again but no record.  In 1B a huge entry was lead home by Dave, with Nick having to be the masters apprentice! In 1C2WD, Drew cruised to victory on Saturday but just missed the bonus time.  In 2A Ben equalled the record exactly and took victory just from Simon.  In 2B Keith took 1st place,  In 3A Mike took 1st, in 3C Andrew was just pipped by 3 hundreths, 3F was taken by Craig, 3G by Martin.  David took the 4A but in 4E Steve couldn’t break his own record and the bonus isn’t enough to claw back Pete.  Stuart was again unlucky not to get FTD, just short by 5 tenths.
Onto Sunday….  Alex moved up to 2nd in SB, Keith was pipped to 2nd in 1A as well.  In 1B, Apprentice beat Master, with Nick taking the class win.  While in 1C2WD Pete broke his own Loton record to get to the perfect 172, it’s all with Steve now!  In 2A Ben broke the record this time, he could yet be a late contender overall.  Keith and Mike completed the doubles in 2B and 3A as well.  Dave Purdy took victory in 3B.  Craig and David in 3F and 4A completed doubles.  In 4E Steve broke his record but only by 3 tenths, just 2 tenths short of levelling with Pete.  In 5A, a win for Stuart with FTD.  In 5C a win for Chris Green.
All of which means…..
1 Peter Taylor 172
2 Steve Barnard 171.57
3 Les Wilson 168