Loton Results are up!

With over 20 competitors out both days at Loton it was a huge turnout for the MSC. On the Saturday, records went in 1B, 2B and 5B. On Sunday more records fell in 1A, 1C2WD, 1D, 2B, 5A and 5B.
On Saturday, Steve Lyle took SB with Alex Smith 2nd, in 1B Nick took the win with Martin 2nd, Dave 3rd and then Marie, all breaking the target in a very close class. In 1C2WD, Drew beat James for the class win. In 1D Hugh and Mary both scored. In 2A Jez pipped Graham to the win with John just behind. In 2B another close battle saw Martin win with Keith 2nd and Simon next. Mike took the 3A win. In 3F Craig won with Graham 2nd again very tight. David Bickley won 4A with Stuart winning 5A another Bickley double! Sarah broke the record in 5B but was pipped for the class win.
On Sunday, Alex took the SB win, and Simon Cox took 1A with a new record. In 1B, this time Dave pipped Nick and Martin for the honours with Marie behind them. Pete took the 1D win and the record with Hugh and Mary both scoring. James turned the tables on Drew in 1C2WD by taking the class win with a new record. I took the 1E2WD class win. In 2A Jez again took the win from Graham and then John breaking the record in the process. In 2B Martin smashed the target on the way to another class win with Keith in 2nd and then Simon. Mike again took 3A honours. In 3F Craig pipped Graham. Stuart and Dave did a 2nd Bickley double with Stuart also breaking the record. Sarah lowered the 5B record again on the way to a class win.

All of this means, that Sarah Bosworth moves top with Pete Taylor moving to 2nd with Stuart Bickley in 3rd!

1 Sarah Bosworth 5B 172.58
2 Peter Taylor 1D 172.26
3 Stuart Bickley 5A 167.57