Curborough Results!

The weather didn’t quite hold up at Curborough but it didn’t stop records falling. In class SB Neal just took the class win with a close fought battle, he also lowered the record, marginally extending his overall championship lead. Roger was out in the Mini and scored good points.  Jeremy won 1C2WD and smashed the record, scoring max points. Graham scored good points in the Lancia. John took the win in class 1E2WD.  David also took a max in class 1F. In 2A John took the win in a close battle with Graham. George took 3rd. In 3C Anthony took 2nd place. There was a proper battle in 4A as well, with David B 2nd, Stephen 3rd (both taking bonus points) and David L in 3rd. In 4E Steve took the class win. In 5D Steve was the third person to take the max and FTD.