Blyton Results

A scorching hot Saturday meant records fell! Davie took the class win and max points breaking the record in SB with Alex 2nd. In 1B, Ian nailed a great lap to pip Deryck into 2nd and take the record. Deryck also broke the record but it wasn’t enough to catch Ian. In 1C2WD Drew took the class win and again max points for the record. Pete did the same in a competitive 1D class. David took the class win and set a new record in 1F. Dan took the class win in a busy 2A class but couldn’t quite get the bonus points in a run that counted. Ian took 2nd. In very competitive 2B class, Lars and Simon both scored good points. Julian took the class win and set a new record in 3A.  In 3B Ivan on his MSC debut took the class win and broke the record.

On Sunday the scorching weather continued as did the record breaking. Davie took the win in SB and broke the record with Alex in 2nd. In 1B Deryck turned the tables on Ian to take 1st and the record with Ian 2nd. Drew took the win in 1C2WD and the record. David did the same in 1F. In 2A Dan took 1st and lowered the record with Ian in 2nd. Lars scored good points in 2B. In 3A Julian took the class win and set a new record.  In 3B Ivan took 2nd in class and set a new record.

Just a reminder now we are seeing more people get to 8 that you need to do 2 Hills and 2 Sprints. Most people have but we’ve got a few that need to add one or the other.  The top 3 has changed (but Davie is one person not on two hills yet so this is provisional). Davie does however currently sit in 1st, with Pete 2nd and Ian 3rd.