2 Sprint/2 Hill Score Updates

See below for the people affected when the 2 Sprint/2 Hills come in play for people who have done 8 rounds. In the main, most classes remain unchanged however :
Martin Harvey needs 1 more sprint, more or less than 20.5 (his current lowest score) will change his end total by the margin of difference.
Graham Frankland will drop a 20 for 18.22, reducing his score by 1.78 for the 2nd sprint. Again a Curborough score higher than 18.22 will change this. Also in 3F Craig needs a 2nd sprint and his first sprint reduces his total by 0.02.
Sarah 2nd’s sprint is 20.5, which will lower her score by 0.52, unless she can score more than 20.5 at Curborough.
The last point means the championship will go down to the wire at Curborough 2 lapper. Sarah needs to go under the 65.37 target, for Pete it’s a new venue for class 1D, so the target isn’t a problem but it does mean the most he can score is 21.2. So the ball is in Sarah’s court!
If anyone would like a more detailed breakdown, please message me. Also can EVERYONE please please double check the scores from the season for any errors. Remember targets move throughout the year, particularly on the 2 day events. Any questions/concerns I will aim to get back as soon as I can.