Roger Slater

Driver Class: 3F

Retirement gave an opportunity to start sprinting and hill climbing and I am enjoying it to the full. Have been unable to compete due to car problems for the last couple of years but hope to be back this year.

I am also the Secretary to the Midland Speed Club

Driver Biography

First forrays into motorsport were in autotests and then rallies in the early 1970s (with the Vagabond Motor Club in Derby). Managed some sucess but life took over and my competition licence lay dormant for the next 40 years. I did get involved in organising a few motorsport events for the TR Register and for the Sporting Bear Motor Cluib but nothing serious until 2011. I bought a Striker with a bike engine and thought it was wasted on the road, so decided to compete.

The car has been developed over the years by Wildmoor MTC and has had a substantial rebuild over the last winter. I am looking forward to driving it!