Graham Woodcock

Driver Class: 2A

Having “pit crewed” for a leading British hill climb car for 5 years, two years ago my son (Ben) and I thought we ought to have a go.
For the last two years we have competed in the Prescott New Barns ‘B’ Licence championship in a Westfield Megabusa, and we both have had a modicum of success. Ben finishing third in the sport car class in year one and I managing to emulate that in this year’s competition.
The car is a standard factory built car that was made in 2000 for Brian James trailers solely to display / sell their new Minnow trailer when launched, so for the first three years it didn’t see much action…. Its fully road legal, with a standard Gen 1 Hayabusa engine, dry sumped with sequential gearbox. The only significant change we have made is to upgrade to a full roll cage.
Having recently retired and with some more time available, Ben and I want to try out some sprint circuits that are further afield whilst still doing a couple of our favourite hills.