Aaron Perrott

Driver Class: 1E2WD

In my forties, work in IT, based in Redhill. Been competing on and off for several seasons, kept with this championship as the regulations gives everyone a fair chance and good group of people to compete with.

Driver Biography

I started racing bikes a very long time ago, then had a sabbatical from all forms of motorsport before starting sprinting and hillclimb’s in a Corsa. The Corsa had many guises, completely standard, 1A with more power and suspension mods and then 3A, completely stripped, slicks etc then finally back to 1A. It rolled, crashed, even won on the odd occasion before it retired to Wales to do rallies. I then took another break for a few years and came back with a Skoda Fabia (rallied) and then finally I now have a Vantage. I drive it to all the events, but it’s been caged, different suspension and supercharged. I still do the odd Enduro on my Kawasaki 250, but the race bike has been retired for a couple of seasons.