Shelsley and the Season Done – PLEASE REVIEW RESULTS

Please, Please, Please – Review ALL RESULTS!
The final round is completed and before we proclaim the winners we need to ensure any mistakes are corrected.  Can you please let me know over the next 4 weeks.  We will then formalise the results and announce our winners (although I am sure the keen among you will be checking!).  Please ignore the consistency scores on the website, they will be posted once worked out but due to the time required they will be done once the main results are confirmed as the top ten do not score in this.
At Shelsley it was a weekend of two halves.  One baking, the other wet.  Bonuses were hard to find….  On the day in the Sun, Les won the standard class, with Pete taking a bonus and a win in 1C.  George won 2A, Paul took 2F with the bonus, Dave 3B and Andrew 3C just pipping Nigel.  Craig took 3F, John 3G and David 4A.  Stuart took 5A, and well took everyone with a stunning FTD.  Keith took 5C in a close battle with Rob.  Lindsay took 5E.
The day the rains came Dave took 1B, the rain couldn’t stop Pete winner 1C, George took 2A, Mike 3A and Dave 3B.  Craig took 3F and David 4A.  Stuart took 5A but was pipped to FTD by Lindsay who won 5E on the way to beating everyone.  A Midland Speed FTD double!