Shelsley Results are up!

Shelsley results are up, please note I will publish a 2 sprint/2 hill adjusted set of scores later this week.
A bumper amount of contenders were out at Shelsley. Glorious weather Saturday, less so Sunday. On Saturday in 1B Dave took the class win with Nick 2nd and Richard scoring good points. 1D Peter took the class win and the record. In 1E2WD Ian took the class win with myself 2nd. In 2A George won the class. In a close 2B class Martin took the win and a bonus. Simon scoring good points in 3rd. In 3A it was a class win for Mike. Craig took 2nd place in 3F. In 4A David continued his great season with a class win and the record with Stephen in 2nd. Stuart took the class win in 5A and the bonus. In 5B Sarah took the class win and the bonus. Rob scored well in 5C.
On Sunday Dave took the 1B win again with Richard in 2nd and Geoff in 3rd. In 1D Peter took the class win and a bonus with a great 1st run. In 1C4WD Roy took the class win. Ian took the honours in 1E2WD. George took the 2A win. In 2B Martin took the win and broke the record, a great drive with Simon scoring points in 3rd. Mike took the class 3A win. Craig took 2nd in 3F. David won 4A with the bonus, with Stephen 2nd. In 5A Stuart came 2nd but got the bonus. in 5B Sarah took the class win. In 5C Rob scored good points. In 5E Lindsay took the class win.
All of this means………. The top 3 remain unchanged but Martin and David are pushing James for 3rd. Please NOTE this does NOT include the 2 sprint/2 hill calculation. However at the moment just 0.07 between the top 2!!!

1 Sarah Bosworth 5B 174.08
2 Peter Taylor 1D 174.01
3 James Hunt 1C 2WD 170.94