Shelsley Results

We had a busy entry at Shelsley this weekend but the variable weather played havoc, with a mix of damp, wet and dry at different times. In class SB Richard took 2nd with Alex 3rd. In a very busy 1B class, Ian came out on top with Geoff in 3rd and Richard scoring good points. Alasdair took 2nd in 1D. I took 2nd in 1E2WD. In 2A Simon took the win with Jez in 2nd. Mike took the win in 3A with Dave 2nd. Alison took the class win in 3C and Craig pipped Graham in the ongoing 3F battle! In 3L Paul took the class win. In 4A Dave took the win from Stephen in 2nd and Angus in 3rd. In 5A Stuart took the win and FTD with Martin 2nd. In 5C Chris beat Keith. In 5D Steve took the class win.

Overall we now have more people joining the ‘8’ club, Stuart is just behind Pete (0.75!), with Ian moving into 3rd. I suspect that to start changing now as more people get closer to the ‘8’. All to play for as the season progresses as we’ve got several competitors who have taken records yet to get to 8.