Results! Blyton, Shelsley and Harewood, plus 2 Hills, 2 Sprints Calculation

On Blyton please check the results as the classes were different in many places and therefore made scoring hard!  Any issues please let me know.
At Blyton in terms of bonus’s in 1B there were new records for Deryck Jones and Ian Butcher with the honours going to Deryck.  Pete broke the 1C record (another one of mine bites the dust!), with Drew getting the 2% target bonus.  On Sunday Les got close enough to take the SB bonus.  In 1B, Ian and Deryck both broke the record but again the honours went to Deryck.  Alan Mugglestone also broke the record and just pipped Ian to 2nd.  In 1C Pesky Pete in his Porsche broke the record again.
In near perfect conditions at Shelsley, the bonus balls went to David West in 1B but he was pipped by Nick recording a PB, just 0.13 between them.  Nick giving a winning interview to youtube star Sideways Sid!  In 1C, a certain Aaron lowered the record, only for Pete to go and lower it again!  At least from Steve Barnard’s viewpoint I tried to make it harder!  No bonuses elsewhere but Stuart Bickley just missed out on FTD by just over a tenth, very very close.
Now to Harewood, Sunday was cancelled midway through, so only Saturday counted.  Deryck lowered the 1B record again taking full honours.  Ian managed to get bonus points.  In 1C Pete broke the record but long standing holder Kieren broke it back, Pete lowered it again but on run 3, so it won’t count, meaning it was a 21, not the vital 0.5 to ensure a perfect score.
All of this means that Pete leaps to the top by 0.5, just 0.5 off the perfect score, Steve drops to 2nd and Les moves to 3rd.  Steve needs at least another 0.5 to get back into it, Pete one more to ensure the perfect 172.  It looks like a two horse race for the title.
Peter Taylor 171.50
Steve Barnard 171.43
Les Wilson 167.50