Results! Blyton, Shelsley and Harewood, plus 2 Hills, 2 Sprints Calculation

On Blyton please check the results as the classes were different in many places and therefore made scoring hard!  Any issues please let me know. At Blyton in terms of bonus’s in 1B there were new records for Deryck Jones and Ian Butcher with the honours going to Deryck.  Pete broke the 1C record (another…

Harewood Sunday – Abandoned Meeting

Harewood Sunday had to unfortuately be abandoned part way through the first timed run due to the structural damage caused to a building adjacent to the course. The extent of this damage coupled with the danger of imminent collapse was such that it was deemed unsafe to continue the event.  Although most entrants had completed…

Curborough and Shelsley Results are Up

Curborough & Shelsley results are up.  At Curborough Ian Butcher came very very close to breaking the 1 lap 1B record but made sure on Sunday setting a new record on the 2 lapper.  Pete continued his record breaking antics in 1C2WD by breaking the 1 and 2 lap records (I’m not bitter at all…

Prescott Results are up!

We had 29 contenders at Prescot and records melted like the icecream on a baking day, Les Wilson broke the SB record, the 1C2WD record went twice, first to some bloke called Aaron before Pete showed him how to do it properly.  Paul Jones broke the record in 2F  Dave West got bonus points in…

Gurston Results are up!

Gurston results are up as well for both days, again any problems let me know, the split classes made scoring a bit harder.  Steve Barnard extends his lead at the top after breaking the record on both days, Keith moves back into the top 3 and 2nd place in the mighty Metro, moving Dave down…

Pembrey Results

The Pembrey results are up for both Saturday and Sunday, any issues, as usual let me know via a message and I’ll get it sorted out!  Steve B stays top, but the 1B army are in full effect with Dave West moving to 2nd and Pete moving to 3rd. .

Loton Saturday 18th May Results

Loton Park Saturday results are up, Steve still leads, but Keith has leapt into 2nd place with Dave West moving into 3rd 1 Steve Barnard 148.48 2 Keith Waters 119.95 3 David West 97.86

MIRA Results are Up!

The results from MIRA are up.  Please check the results as the classes used on the day were split over the championships so it made scoring hard, any mistakes please let us know.  The top 3 hasn’t changed, although Steve has extended his lead.

Aintree Results are In!

The results from Aintree are in, Steve and Pete stay 1st and 2nd but Aaron jumps into third spot. 1 Steve Barnard 106.25 2 Peter Taylor (2) 96.28 3 Aaron Perrott 79.36