Overall Award Winners

All – we have had no further changes or clarifications on the results so below are the overall awards. We’ll be releasing the class awards tomorrow evening in another post. Huge congratulations to all of our main award winners below. The Awards dinner will be on the 29th January 2022 at Lea Marston, starting at midday. More details will follow after the class award post. We also have our provisional calendar for 2022 coming together for next year, more news later this week!
1st Overall – A Trophy, a cash prize and souvenir: Sarah Bosworth
2nd Overall – A Trophy and a cash prize: Peter Taylor
3rd Overall – A Trophy and a cash prize: James Hunt
1st Lady – A Trophy* : Marie Fletcher
The Sprint award – A Trophy*: Ian Butcher
A Hill Climb award – A Trophy*: Martin Harvey
Highest Placed Road Car – A Trophy*: Martin Harvey
Highest Placed Race Car – A Trophy *: David Bickley
Highest Placed Single Seater – A Trophy*: Stuart Bickley
Highest Placed Car before 1975 – A Trophy*: Mike Gallery
Consistency 1st Place – A Trophy**: Graham Frankland
Consistency 2nd Place – A Trophy**: Graham Woodcock
Best prepared car * : Geoff Hedges
Highest placed over 59 *: David Bickley
* Drivers finishing in the top three overall in the main Championship are not eligible for these awards.
** Contenders who finish in the top 10 in the championship standings are not eligible for this award.
Top Ten
1st Sarah Bosworth
2nd Peter Taylor
3rd James Hunt
4th David Bickley
5th Martin Harvey
6th Ian Butcher
7th Stuart Bickley
8th Aaron Perrott
9th David West
10th Martin Walters