Gurston Results

A scorching Gurston meant records. A truncated Saturday meant 1 timed run but we still had records broken. In SB Stuart took the class win and set the new target. David finished 3rd in 1D. I took the class win and broke the record in 1E2WD. In 2A Graham finished 2nd but lowered the record with George coming 3rd. In a very tight 2B Martin just pipped Keith by 0.38. In 3A Julian finished 3rd in a competitive class. In 3C Alison scored good points in another competitive class. In a busy 3F Graham finished 2nd and lowered the record with Craig 3rd. In 4A David broke the record and finished 3rd. In 5A Stuart won the class and broke the record by the maximum amount.

On Sunday David finished 3rd in 1D. In 1E2WD I took the class win and lowered the record. In 2A Graham took the win and broke the record, with George finishing 3rd. In 2B Martin pipped Keith by an even smaller margin 0.01! In 3A Julian finished 2nd and took the bonus. In 3C Alison came third. In 3F Graham finished 2nd and Craig 3rd both went under the record. In 4A David took 2nd place and broke the record. In 5A Stuart took the class win and broke the record.

All of this means that Stuart moves into the top 3 and on count back (2 hills/2 sprints), is technically top. All of this depends on Davie’s completing the hills. It’s also really tight with Pete and Ian on dropped scores. So it’s all to play for heading into the back end of the season!

As per usual any issues with the scoring please let me know and I’ll get it corrected and/or explain the reasoning.