Curborough Results and Finals!

The final round took place today and the results are up! Please review the results. You have two weeks to place any objections/changes etc. The award winners will be announced later this week…. but onto the results!!

Our winner is….. Sarah Bosworth…. Sarah took the class win and the record today at Curborough, to pip Peter Taylor by 0.13 over the season. Such a close battle between the top 2 and congratulations to both for providing such a close contest but Sarah just got over the line first and huge congratulations to her. In 3rd place comes James Hunt in the BMW, with a very impressive season.

At Curborough today there also class wins for Dave West in 1B and Pete in 1D. John Williams took points in 1E2WD and George came 3rd in 2A. Martin Harvey won 2B with Stephen Mason finishing 2nd in 5A. With our championship winner, taking the class win in 5B.

The MSC committee would like to thank ALL of our contenders again this year for a well contested season across all of our classes. There will be more to come later this week with the awards list.