Curborough Results!

We dodged the weather mostly on Sunday at Curborough and the organisers did a very good job, given the issue which happened during practise which was dealt with professionally and a reminder of how important the air ambulance is to our sport.
With regard to the championship, it was a tough day for records although several competitors hit the targets but couldn’t break them. Dave West took a class win and the target bonus on the way to the 1B victory. James Hunt took the 1C2WD class win and again got within the 2% for the bonus. It what was a very well attended 1D class Pete Taylor took the win and again the 2% with Hugh and Mary Elliot scoring good points. In class 1E2WD, I could only manage 2nd but again got the 2%. In 2A Simon took the class win and 2% bonus with Graham in 3rd by the tiniest margin. In 2B Simon took the class win. John Bradshaw took the 3G win, with David Bickley winning 4A and taking the 2%. Sarah won the class in 5B.
Our top 3 is becoming more set, it’s definately a battle between Sarah and Pete for top with James consolidating 3rd place. Although with 3 events left and the dropping of sprint/hill scores this could yet change! Please note the scores DO NOT reflect the 2 sprint/2 hill rule on count back. I will manually do the scores after Shelsley ahead of the last event at Curborough.

1 Sarah Bosworth 5B 174.08
2 Peter Taylor 1D 173.28
3 James Hunt 1C2WD 170.94