Curborough and Shelsley Results are Up

Curborough & Shelsley results are up.  At Curborough Ian Butcher came very very close to breaking the 1 lap 1B record but made sure on Sunday setting a new record on the 2 lapper.  Pete continued his record breaking antics in 1C2WD by breaking the 1 and 2 lap records (I’m not bitter at all :)), could he yet catch Steve Barnard?  Ben Woodcock also came close in 2A, 0.47 off.  Stuart Bickley broke the 5A 2 lap record as well on the Sunday.  No such excitement record wise at Shelsley as the 2nd runs were mostly wet.  The net result of all of that is that Steve stays top, Les moves into 2nd and Keith moves into 3rd.

1 Steve Barnard 4E 171.43
2 Les Wilson SB 167
3 Keith Waters 1A 162.68