Aintree & Curborough Results

We only had 3 competitors out at Aintree but they made a big impression! Three class wins, three records, three lots of 22 points! They were James Hunt in 1C2WD, Ian Butcher in 1E2WD and Pete Taylor in 1D. At Curborough on Sunday in 1B Geoff took the class win from Richard. In a busy and close 2A class Simon took the win, with Graham in 2nd, followed by John and George. Martin took 2nd in 2B. In 4A David took 3rd with Stephen coming in 4th in another close class. In 5A Stuart took the class win and the record (by 1 hundreth!). In 5B Sarah took the class win and the record to keep it tight at the top with Pete, both drivers taking maximum points this weekend. This means the overall looks like this, please bare in mind the scores will NOT currently reflect any adjustments for 2 sprints and 2 hills. Sarah stays top, Pete 2nd with James moving into 3rd. Once the next Curboroughs and Shelsley’s are done I will re-calc ahead of the final Curborough using the 2 hill and 2 sprint rule.

1 Sarah Bosworth 5B 173.59
2 Peter Taylor 1D 173.28
3 James Hunt 1C2WD 169.94