Peter Taylor (2)

Driver Class: 1D

64 years super young, and love driving anything with 4 wheels.
Grew up on the family farm in the 60s and was driving tractors and land rovers from the age of 10,..(even took time off school at 10 years old to help bring the harvest in) Today semi-retired and have become a community driver taking people to hospital appointments, in and around Shropshire.
Have now done 2 years of sprinting and hillclimbing, "with a little success", and loved every mile, looking forward to my 2nd year in the best most friendly speed championship running, have done a little development work on the MX 5 to try and get me closer to the other under 2-litre cars.
will also do a couple of stages rallies this year (in another car), as I am keen to try my hand at something I last did 40 years ago.
win or lose, hope to have plenty of competition as it all adds to the fun.